Dog Boarding

Best Dog Boarding in St. Louis

When you leave your furry loved one at Silver Maple Pet Center's dog boarding hotel, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet will be given the highest level of comfort and care. We don’t just look after dogs—we pamper them! This is the goal of each of our dog boarding team members. We strive to offer both you and your dog personalized service, making sure to care for your four-legged friend just as you would!

At our overnight dog boarding hotel, each dog gets a private room that is connected to an outdoor private run (most of them being up to 50 ft. long). We keep all of our indoor rooms climate-controlled all year round, ensuring maximum comfort no matter the season.

For those pets who enjoy being pampered, our luxury Villas are your best dog boarding option. The Villas offer a more spacious and quiet environment, perfect for dogs that are new to boarding or that need that extra level of comfort.

Happy dog at overnight dog boarding facility

Where do our clients come from?

Clients from all over St. Louis use Silver Maple's dog boarding services, including families from Des Peres, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Manchester, Brentwood, Creve Coeur, Ballwin, and Town and Country.  

Overnight Dog Boarding Services

Traditional Accommodations

  • Private room with an adjoining outside run
  • Outdoor run up to 50 ft. long
  • Daily hands-on exams by our staff
  • Feedings that include our premium food, or your own food
  • Availability of on-site grooming during your pet’s visit

The Villas, Luxury Accommodations

  • Spacious, private living quarters
  • TV / VCR in each suite, providing an at-home feeling
  • Elevated beds and dining tables
  • Includes individual walk 3 times daily

Master’s Club Membership Offering Year-Round Savings

  • Daily Discounts on Boarding Rates
  • Free oral medication administration
  • Additional services available for our canine guests

Additional Services

  • Individual playtimes – Your dog and one of our pet hotel attendants will play games that your pet enjoys.
  • Buddy playtimes – Your dog and several other dogs will play games with one of our pet hotel attendants.
  • Doggie Daycare with boarding - Your dog will join in a fun, appropriate playgroup for 2-4 hours day.
  • Special Holiday Dinners & Treats.

Long-Term Dog Boarding Services

We understand that sometimes, dog owners need to be away from their furry friends for an extended period. Whether it's due to travel, work commitments, or a temporary housing situation, we're here to provide a loving and secure home away from home for your dog. Our long-term dog boarding service is designed to cater to all your dog's needs, ensuring they remain happy, healthy, and comfortable until you return.

Long-Term Discount: 10% Off all boarding services for reservations over 30 days. 

Choosing the right boarding facility for your dog is crucial, especially for long-term stays. At Silver Maple, we're dedicated to providing not just a service, but a second home for your dog. With our focus on personalized care, health and wellness, and creating a vibrant community for our canine guests, we ensure that your dog's long-term stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our commitment to excellence and our exclusive long-term boarding discount make us the best choice for your dog's extended stay.


Featured testimonial

Silver Maple Pet Center is the only place that I will consider for both grooming and boarding my dogs. I have been using their services since 2009 and currently have two Australian Shepherds and one Yellow Labrador. The thing I love most is that the entire staff genuinely care for and about not only my dogs, but I witness how much they love on everyone’s dogs and cats. My dogs are happy when I show up with them and happy when I pick them up which gives me complete peace of mind. The skill level of the groomer’s is top notch. I completely recommend Silver Maple Pet Center!!

– Laureen Tanner

Dog Boarding FAQs

There are many types of dog boarding options, but typically, dog boarding is a service where you can leave your dog in the care of a boarding facility or home while you are away. These facilities provide a safe and secure environment for your pet, including feeding, walking, and sometimes grooming and training services.

Look for a facility with good reviews, proper licensing, and clean, secure, and spacious accommodations. It's also important to consider the staff's experience, the ratio of staff to dogs, and whether the facility can cater to your dog's specific needs and temperament. Check out our more detailed guide on selecting a boarding facility.

We always recommend bringing your own dog food to avoid digestive issues and any medication they need. To make their stay more like home, you can also bring their favorite toy or bedding. Check out our more detailed list to come prepared for dog boarding.

We require proof of current vaccinations, including: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and the H3N2 Canine Influenza vaccine. Learn more about our vaccination requirements

You can prepare your dog for boarding by ensuring they are up to date with vaccinations, and making sure they are socialized before their first visit. We recommend stopping in for a day of dog daycare to familiarize your dog with our facilities and see how they do.

This is very much up to you and your dog. Some dogs and their families would prefer a more relaxed experience and their dog will spend more time in their room and private outdoor run. For dogs and families that prefer a more social experience, our boarding dogs have the option of joining group play and making new friends. 

Of course, we love when clients call and check in. We understand it can be hard leaving a loved one behind so we welcome any calls or emails to check in.

We will always reach out if a dog gets sick or injured. If There is an emergency and we can't get ahold of you, we will contact your veterinarian on file and make a decision based on their level of concern. We will always put the health of your pet first.

We know that each pet is different and each has different needs. Our pricing is a la carte and completely customizable. You select your accommodation, level of activity, and feeding and medication schedule.

Boarding for the first time can be stressful for any pet. That's why we put together a guide for boarding a dog with separation anxiety. To summarize, the best thing you can do is expose your dog through dog daycare before doing overnight boarding. This will give you an idea of how well they will do without you. 

If a dog comes in and is really missing their family, we do our best to give them as much attention as possible. Our staff keeps a close eye on each dog and loves to snuggle and hang out with dogs who need it the most.

Rest assured knowing your dog is well cared for while boarding with us. Our canine guests receive regular attention, playtime and feeding while under the care of our experienced staff.

Your favorite feline can enjoy a luxurious stay in one of our one to four room condos or a private suite complete with carpeted climbing areas in a safe climate controlled environment.

Looking for a safe and fun place for your dog to play and socialize during the day? Our Dog Daycare program has indoor and outdoor supervised playtime that is just right for your pet.

We offer a full variety of dog grooming services for your four-legged friend. Let us pamper your dog with a bath or full haircut from one of our professional dog groomers.